Trail Running

Hiker exploring wild places on mountain

A Few Steps Further | A Film By Erik Petersen

Run. Hunt. Persevere. When Kevin Davis first began running, he was overweight and out of shape. He tried, but failed to finish a 1-mile run. Now, years later, he runs 100-mile races. He uses that fitness to su...
Snake around a running shoe

How Running Made Me a Confident Hunter

By: Clint Wirick The snake around my running shoe is symbolic of the hatred I used to have for running. My whole life (I’m 37 currently) I despised it. Basketball was about the only way anyone could get me to ...

An Eye on the Clouds | By Forrest Boughner

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. That is the general rule for mountain travel. Even a day trip in the mountains can quickly devolve into a safety nightmare if this rule is not observed. So last October we...