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One of the more convoluted courses on the Spartan Race calendar, the trails and tracks never cease to twist, turn and keep you guessing as to which direction they will take you next. Nestled neatly in the northeast corner of Phoenix within the county of Maricopa, the reservation is a 40 square mile area, just a fraction of the ancestral territory of the once nomadic Yavapai people.

Three words to describe the enormous area that Fort McDowell commands: warm, dusty, and dry. This event favors runners that can move quickly between obstacles, and punishes those that take it for granted. Hydration is key to success at the Arizona Super and Sprint. Many areas of the course will be single track trails with cacti on either side. When you see an opportunity to accelerate, such when making your way over the dried riverbeds, do what you can to seize it.

Conquer the course here, and you will have ran across an area steeped in rich American culture and history. Show respect to the terrain you cover and leave no trace.




1. Bikers and hikers, a vast array of desert and mountains awaits your exploration. These vast areas of trails and rocky hills to climb are there to be explored, should you have excess energy to burn.

2. The AAA four-diamond Fort McDowell Casino is just one of three in the area where you can try your luck at the poker or blackjack tables.

3. In Old Town Scottsdale, you will find a densely populated area of bars and restaurants to celebrate and flaunt your finisher’s medal. Be sure to look out for other Spartan Race shirts, as there are bound to be quite a few.

4. The Valley Metro Light Rail is your way of visiting downtown Phoenix. Here’s where you’ll find a host of live music and bars, some of which have the broadest selection of beers on tap in the area.

5. Laugh away those sore limbs after adding another piece to your TRIFECTA? Phoenix is an underrated comedy circuit venue, boasting no less than seven different comedy stores. If it doesn’t hurt too much to laugh, catch some live stand up while you are there.

6. Live music is a staple of Phoenix. There are plenty of live venues that host a multitude of touring acts. Check out the Crescent Ballroom or Copper Blues Rock Pub and Kitchen for opposite ends of the spectrum.

7. Should you prefer to tread the path of culture and learning, there are multiple museums, botanical gardens, science centers and zoos that you can visit. Make sure to book ahead.

8. Sports fans can visit Chase Field, University Of Phoenix stadium, the US Airways center and many other major sporting venues.


If you would like to learn more about the race or would like to sign up for the race click the button below!



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