Hi, Wilderness Athletes. Today we are going to kick things up a notch and take you through a high-intensity interval training circuit (HIIT). The idea of this type of workout is to work really hard, take a short rest, and then work really hard again. You are going to want to make sure you have all the right equipment before you begin each circuit to maximize your efficiency.
The workout is broken up into four circuits. You will complete each circuit individually before moving onto the next set. The number of repetitions per circuit is dependent on each person’s skill level. For a beginner, each circuit will be completed 2 to 3 times. If you are more advanced and want more of a challenge you can repeat each circuit 4 to 5 times. After completing each circuit take a minute rest before moving on to the next circuit. Remember we are trying to keep our heart rate up so keep rest to a minimum.
HIIT training is a cardio session arranged in short bursts of really hard work. The idea of working really hard, resting, and working hard again is to kick up the intensity of your cardio and pushing yourself to the max during every set. Research shows that HIIT training boosts your metabolism while burning tons of calories in a short period of time. Here are a few benefits of high-intensity interval training.
  1. Efficient for people with a busy schedule.  HIIT is an effective way to work out because it is ideal for a busy schedule. Research shows that you can achieve more progress by doing a 15-minute interval training workout than compared to jogging on a treadmill for an hour.
  2. You burn more calories and fat in a shorter period of time. HIIT not only burns a lot of calories, but it is burning fat 24 hours after your workout because your body goes into hyper drive.
  3. HIIT can be done anywhere without needing any equipment. All you need is your body weight and exercises that increase your heart rate such as jumping, high knees, and any type of plyometric.
  4. You lose weight and not muscle. Studies show that weight training and HIIT workouts preserve hard-earned muscles while losing weight that comes from fat stores.
  5. Boosts metabolism. Most people are not used to pushing themselves into the anaerobic zone, the point in your workout where you’re short of breath and your heart is pounding. During this phase, your body is using more oxygen – boosting your metabolism and strengthening your heart.
  6. Challenging. You can choose to make the workout as challenging as you want, whether you are a beginner or advanced. HIIT is a great way to see results quickly by constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and making your workout fun. It is a great way to change-up your workout routine and make sure you never get bored.
We hope that you have enjoyed this workout and we would love to hear your feedback. Stay Wild

Circuit 1 Repeat (2x-5x)
* Db Squat to Press (12-15)
* Skier (12-15)
* Banded Lat Pull downs (12-15)
* Box Jumps (10)

Rest 1 min

Circuit 2 | Repeat (2x-5x)
* Push Ups to Inch Worm (10)
* Walking Lunges Front Raise with Med Ball (12-15)
* Med Ball Throws Behind Shoulder (8 each side)

Rest 1 min

Circuit 3 | Repeat (2x-5x)
* Squat to Upright Row (12-15)
* Half Kneeling Press with KB or MB (8 each direction)
* Ant Step up (12-15)

Rest 1 min

Circuit 4 | Repeat (2x-5x)
* Wall Ball to Burpee (10-12)
* Resistant Band Curl to Bent Over Row (12-15)
* Spider Man (10-12)


Remember that it is vital to stay hydrated during these HIIT workouts. You’re pushing your limits and you need to guarantee your body has everything it needs to be successful. Make sure to drink plenty of water and if you would like to take your hydration to the next level use Wilderness Athlete’s Hydrate & Recover to help fuel and recover from this great workout!


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